Chapter I – A Field of Non-Field

In 2010, Chen Chieh-jen started paying close attention to the global increase of dispatch workers under the global technology of control fostered by neoliberalism in the post-internet age. This is also a kind of neo-colonialism that no longer draws borders based on nation states. He called this universal phenomenon “global imprisonment and at-home exile.” In 2010, Chen expressed support for docents at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (dispatch workers who do not enjoy labor rights), and their protest movement, which was getting very little attention. In 2012, while working for a year on his art project Happiness Building, he proposed how to form randomly composed, temporary communities whose members support and challenge each other. In 2016, he held the Global Imprisonment and At-Home Exile workshop together with the Taiwan Higher Education Union and NCCU Art and Culture Center, where discussions with youth focused on the historical sources and evolution of dispatch labor and youth poverty, as well as possible solutions. In this long process, Chen gained deep, first-hand experience showing that the rebellion of traditional social movements cannot change these severe problems if the desire structure, ways of thinking, and social imagination implanted by global control technology of the post-Internet era are not transformed. Her and Her Children’s first chapter A Field of Non-Field is the first step of his long-term confrontation with a new biopolitics in the post-Internet era.